Competitions Information

Results for  3rd December 2017  – Please click on following link to Nominate Scoreboard 

Riders Please ensure that your Equestrian NSW Membership is up to date for the 2017 -2018 Calendar Year.  Entries with invalid EA Membership will not be accepted.

Riders in all Competitions must comply with the new helmet standards, this is for your  safety and it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with these standards.

Please find attached the Summary of the Helmet Rules courtesy of DNSW and EA, that will be coming into effect in 2017 Helmet Rules


Please see our Facebook page or Tina by email if you can help out.

Dressage Rules

We run our event based on the EA rules and regulations. Please read and learn the EA rules if you are going to compete, it is every rider’s responsibility to ensure that they are familiar with these rules.

National Dressage rules changes will come into effect on 1 January 2017. This is to allow a period for members to familiarise with the changes.The attached link will direct you to the latest rules and dressage tests


Bridle Number

Please ensure that you have a valid Bridle Number for your horse when entering.  You will need to enter your Bridle Number each time you enter a competition. Please note that it is a condition of entry that you have a valid Bridle number displayed on both sides of your horse – either on the bridle or the saddle cloth.

Equestrian NSW
PO Box 7077
Phone: 02 9620 2660
Fax: 02 9620 2260 or email

What is a PIC number and where do I get one?

It is compulsory that all horse owners provide us with a Property Identification Code (PIC) for the property on which their horse is kept.  These can be obtained from Local Land Service – Application for a PIC number.

Using Nominate

Vouchers: Vouchers now show the amount of credit to enter onto Nominate.  Vouchers older than a year old will not be honoured.

Entering using Nominate: Nominate Link