AGM – President’s Report AGM 3RD OCTOBER 2017 PRESIDENT (1)


Wet Weather / Cancellations – please be advised that if we have to cancel due to bad weather, grounds unsafe due to excess rain etc, we will contact competitors by:  

  • email via nominate
  • email via our member’s list 
  • Facebook
  • Updating our Website 


Rule Changes

Please be advised that it is your own responsibility to ensure that you are up to date with changes put out by EA and Dressage NSW.

Please be advised that competitors are now able to ride in sleeveless shirts –  exact details of dress rules are in the EA and Dressage NSW rulebook. Please click on link below.

Latest rule changes effective 1/8/15.

Numbers Numbers Numbers!

Please make sure that you enter the correct numbers on nominate. It is extremely time consuming trying to get the draw up, send information to EA etc when riders don’t provide us with the correct information. Please go to the ‘forms page‘ to find links and details for Bridle Numbers and PIC numbers.  Please note that Nominate does not automatically provide us with Bridle and EA numbers when you enter,  you need to ensure that the numbers have been entered on your entry form.  

Competition Etiquette

We have had some competitors voicing their concern about the congestion in the warm-up arena. Please be mindful of where you are expected to warm-up.

Warming your horse up with a lot of other entrants can be rather stressful and frightening for some horses. We are asking riders to please brush up on the warm-up arena rules and etiquette. There are too many riders that are not considerate and are not abiding by rules. This is dangerous and if it is noticed that you are not riding in the warm-up correctly you may be asked to leave the warm-up space.

A few pointers:

• Left shoulder to Left Shoulder: Riders should try to ride in the same direction. If this isn’t possible then the left shoulder to left; shoulder rule should apply. (Some European countries ride right shoulder to right shoulder.);

• Slow on the Inside; Fast on the Outside: Slower riders should ride on the inside track including those doing schooling such as; lateral work etc… Riders working at a faster pace such as a extended trot or canter should stay on the outside track.;

• Announce Your Intentions: Tell the other riders what you plan to do: “passing on your left”;  “leaving arena”; “entering arena”.;

• No Lunging: No lunging while riding.;

• Mount Out of the Way: Mount and dismount in the centre–not on the track.;

• Cue Quietly: Voice commands; kissing; smooching to cue your horse should be done quietly and away from other horses.; Accidentally cueing another person’s horse as you ride along side them could cause problems..;

• Keep A Horse Length Between: Don’t crowd other riders and keep at least a horse length between you and the horse in front of; you. This keeps you at a safe distance from being kicked. Also when there are riders working on both the inside and outside; track; leave enough passing room that one horse isn’t able to bite or kick at the horse on the other track.;

•All Horses Under Control: There should be no loose horses in the arena while others are riding.;

• Be Aware: Be respectful if another is having problems with a horse; is riding a young horse; or is a beginner or timid rider.;

• Give Right of Way: Be generous giving right of way even it if it is not technically the correct right of way..;

• Don’t Get in the Way: Spectators should stand outside the arena; not along side the track

Changes to “Horse Free” Areas:

Thank you to all the people that have adhered to the Horse Free Area. We feel that it is working well and it is reducing the risk to both spectators and riders.  We continue to ask for your cooperation in this regard.  We ask all competitors and handlers to please adhere to the signs that are posted. The areas that are Horse Free Zones are as follows.

  1. No Horses are allowed between the Indoor, Stable Block and Canteen area.
  2. Please adhere to the 10m horse free zone around the Dressage Arenas.
  3. Only horses waiting to compete next up in an event should be standing near the arena.
  4. Spectators holding horses should not have their horses near or around the arenas.