HOTY / POTY AS OF 26 October 2017 – click on link below

Sugarloaf 2017 HOTY POTY SEPT 2017(1) Sheet1

26th February 2017 – HOTY POTY as of 26February 2017

Please make yourself familiar with the latest update of the pointscore rules for 2017 – LINK: scec-dressage.com/…/Pointscore-Rules-2017.pdf

Riders please note that you are only eligible for Pointscore points if your SCEC membership is current at the time you competed for those points.

In order to be eligible to win HOTY / POTY, riders must have volunteered at a show within the calendar year, or paid the volunteer Fee. See Pointscore Rules link below 

Points will not awarded retrospectively of becoming a member.  If you are in the running for any Pointscore and have not volunteered at a show during the year, or paid the volunteer fee,  now is the time to volunteer at competitions or pay the volunteer fee to be eligible.