Young Riders

Sugarloaf Cobbitty Equestrian Club would like to congratulate our sponsored Young Riders who competed at the YR Dressage Championships on the 31st of June to 2nd July.

Sophie Artup…..Advanced Horse Level riding Deltry Sorrento.  

Sophie and Deltry Sorrento aka Nic had a fantastic show at the NSW State Young Rider Championships.  Sophie and Nic won the FEI Junior Team test with 66% and came second in the FEI Junior Individual test with 65.9%, resulting in Reserve FEI Junior Champion.  The pair also came 2nd in the Advanced 5.2 with 66.9% and 3rd in the 5.3 with 64% resulting in 3rd overall in the Advanced Championship. They also won the Advanced Freestyle with over 65%.  Sophie is extremely happy with how Nic went over the three days.

Sophie and Nic 01

Paris Kellner……Novice Pony Level riding Greenwood Steal the Show aka Tiger= Reserve Champion – See image Below .  Tiger is by the lovely Stallion “Allengreen Showcase” owned by Nicole Dunbier.  The Young Rider Champs this year have been by far a highlight for Paris.  Both Ponies are only 6 and 7 so really have a bright future ahead of them. 

Greenwood Pollyanna (bottom image) aka Polly came 3rd in the Elementary Pony Class, and was just one point off Reserve Champion.

Photo Credits: Ian Vaughan Photography



Kate Worsnop…Novice Horse Level riding Danson Dynamiko – aka Perry were very happy with their performance.  

Kate Worsnop


Please contact Kate if you have any queries regarding YR, or if you have news to share. We would love to hear from you.

Young riders (YR’s) are very important to our club as they are the future in dressage competitors the rising star’s, and maybe a future committee member.

A YR is a rider who is under the age of 21.  Should you turn 21 during the year, you are considered a YR till the end of the calendar year.Consideration of performance is viewed from our February competition up to the following December competition.

Dressage classes are run specifically for young riders. These are unofficial/unrestricted classes with ribbons awarded as encouragement. Scores from these classes don’t contribute to the Horse of the year (HOTY) or Pony of the Year Points (POTY). At the end of the year a Young rider of the year (YROTY) and a Reserve Young Rider of the Year (RYROTY) will be awarded based on accumulated points throughout the year.
Point score is allocated by adding all percentages gained through the year. Only the highest points from each dressage day and from one mount will be added. For example if you are riding two horses, Horse one achieves 65% and 55% and horse two scores 60% and 70%, horse two’s scores will be added to your YR points.

PLEASE NOTE: Young Riders are expected to volunteer at our competitions in order to be eligible for our YR of the Year Award, NOT just get family members to assist on their behalf.

Young Riders 2013Sponsorship of Riders at YR Championships

SCEC can sponsor up to 6 riders at the YR Champs on the criteria outlined below and at the discretion of the committee.
How: Based on the three criteria below

  1. Performance
  2. Potential, and
  3. Assistance given to the club

What: Contribution towards entry fees and club embroidered riding attire/equipment.

Young Rider of the Year

SCEC awards the YROTY award at our annual presentation in February of each year. At the discretion of the committee the final decision is based on rider’s performance, results, improvement, and assistance on competition days.
Assistance will be measured by the contribution to the club on the competition days. This includes running, pencilling and assisting at judges’ seminars.

What happens IF we get too many offers of help?

We prefer to have offers of help with your entry as this enables us to organise our days. Should we get too many offers of assistance from YRS, then we will share the load and also note the offer to help.